How do teachers from Lyricus decide what information to share with a species at what point in time?

Every sentient being emits or broadcasts a signature electromagnetic vibration. This vibration is collectively woven into a species. It is this vibration that is “read” by Lyricus from the master template field that interacts with the species’ collective frequency. From this collective signature it is understood what the progress of the species is and when it is appropriate for the Lyricus teachers to embed within the species and what specific information is appropriate at any one point in spacetime.

There are teachers who incarnate into each of the four quarters of power (government, religion, culture, and science) within the species, and generally this process is initiated within the culture quarter first because it is generally the most accommodating. The Lyricus teacher involved in leading this effort is responsible for activating and bringing coherence to the other teachers who will emerge to lead the effort in the other quarters of power.

Within the galaxy is a Tributary Zone, which is a synthetic “planet” that is designed to house the knowledge system appropriate for the species of that particular galaxy. Lyricus uses these Tributary Zones as research and training centers wherein its teachers can gather the information, translate it into the indigenous cultural or scientific formats of the species, and then export it to a specific planetary species.

This process can require 10,000 years, sometimes more, in order to shepherd the species from the relatively primitive systems of governance, culture, science, and religion, and orchestrate these quarters of power to achieve the profound shift to the Grand Portal. Lyricus teachers operate in the same soul carrier as the species they serve, and for this reason must reincarnate hundreds of times over the course of this timeline in order to attain the Grand Portal.

What happens if a species doesn’t discover the Grand Portal?

It is not a question of whether a species discovers the Grand Portal so much as it is a question of when. There are times when a species enters the cusp of the discovery zone and falls back from resistance. However, the resistance is generational and is always diffused over time. The impulse of this discovery is too powerful to ignore as it is faithfully embedded within the species’ energetic grid and then persistently kindled by Lyricus and the cosmic forces of First Source.

When the resistance to the Grand Portal discovery and/or propagation is temporarily successful, it only delays the eventual result – it never permanently obstructs it.

Are the teachers of Lyricus known to humanity by any other name?

Historically speaking, members of Lyricus have been known as the Elohim or Shining Ones. These beings established seven centers of learning upon Earth. These were instructional environments that accelerated the connection of the soul carrier to the Wholeness Navigator, and enabled human initiates to ascend in consciousness such that it was possible to create several of the perennial philosophical systems that to some extent endure to this day.

In more recent history, members of Lyricus are known only by their influence, but not their personal reputations. There are no individual members whose personal contributions are acknowledged by historical records. This is because the members of Lyricus do not view the knowledge they bring as knowledge that they own, discovered, or have invented. They view knowledge as something equivalent to air – everyone can breathe it, no one owns it. For this reason, they share their knowledge in a manner that permits it to move into the quarters of power, but also enables them to retain their personal anonymity.

What does Lyricus teach?

Lyricus is aligned with the Central Race, or WingMakers, and the great majority of its members are from the Central Race. Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines: the fields of genetics, neo-sciences, metaphysics, sensory data streams, psycho-coherence, cultural evolution, and the Sovereign Integral. Lyricus is not focused exclusively on philosophical or spiritual teachings because its central purpose is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the humanoid soul upon three-dimensional, life-bearing planets.

How many members of Lyricus are currently in the flesh on earth?

Today, there are a dozen or so members of Lyricus embodied within the species, and these individuals appear completely human, except for the fact that they operate from a frequency within their individuated consciousness that permits them to access both the genetic mind of the human species as well as that of the Central Race.

Why do Lyricus members incarnate as a member of the species instead of visiting the species in their native soul carriers?

The native soul carrier of the Central Race is not suited for the vibratory density of earth. And even if it were, the message of the Lyricus teachers would be intermixed with the phenomenon of looking different than the species, making it less likely that their message would be received as it was intended. Lyricus has always incarnated among the species as a means to integrate, understand, and subtly bring its teachings and insights to the species. It is the most effective and efficient approach to assist and guide a species to the Grand Portal.

If Lyricus focuses on the species, and not the individual, what is it really teaching that is useful to the individual?

Lyricus is more an exporter of scientific inquiry than it is of spiritual, religious, or philosophical belief systems. Thus, its embedded teachers are not trying to displace the spiritual beliefs of the species with something of a higher spirituality, but rather they offer the scientific systems of inquiry that lead to the discovery of the Grand Portal. They transfer this knowledge through extremely subtle methods, which include personal meetings with members of the scientific community, dream interactions, and helping the species in general to develop its practical understanding of the interconnected, intelligent universe, and its role within it.

As it pertains to the individual, Lyricus provides encoded sensory data streams that are very potent catalysts to shift the energetic or sub-quantum body so that it can fuse more intricately with the soul carrier and, in a sense, lend its character and understanding to the soul carrier. No individual needs to learn more about the spiritual worlds that is not already contained within their own individuated consciousness. The challenge individuals have is how to access this innermost wisdom and apply it intelligently in their lives in such a way that it brings them closer to their personal missions and purpose for incarnating within the species.

Lyricus is focused on assembling and coordinating select individuals who are involved in the discovery, applications, and propagation of the Grand Portal. This applies as importantly to those involved in the very early discoveries like gravity and harmonic frequency, as it does to the more contemporary fields of quantum biology or cosmology. Collectively, these individuals enable the shift of the human species through the ever-evolving science of multidimensional reality. Lyricus achieves this assemblage and coordination through the following methods:

1. Meeting with select individuals and catalyzing their inquiries into the ongoing evolutionary pathways of science, culture, government, and religion that will enable the species to migrate in the direction of the Grand Portal discovery.

2. Activation of the higher centers of consciousness by exposure to the encoded data sensory streams of Lyricus and WingMakers.

3. Providing access to the Lyricus knowledge system in the dream state.

4. Providing an exterial interface within the species through the global communications network.

5. Protecting and defending the knowledge system as it becomes increasingly powerful in its ability to reveal the illusory nature of the MEST universe (Matter, Energy, Space and Time).

It is not only those who make the discovery that are important to this process; it is the larger web of influences and connections of everyday people who make this watershed discovery of the Grand Portal a reality for the species. And those who are involved in its discovery – regardless of the import of their contribution – are those who are most intimately engaged and aligned with the broader and most vital objectives of the species and planet.

Is there a specific philosophical system that underlies Lyricus’ teachings?

The philosophical system of Lyricus is that the science of multidimensional reality is the nucleus knowledge system of the species from which all other systems emerge and have their meaning – to the degree their linkages are preserved. The problem with contemporary philosophical systems is that they fall prey to language conventions that do not rely on science, but rather the subjective opinion of individuals, and the linkages to the multidimensional reality are obscured by the accumulations of the genetic mind.

The members of Lyricus do not consider that they are teachers of a philosophical system so much as they are catalysts of a species’ knowledge system with the specific intention of guiding the evolution of that knowledge system to an ultimate conclusion: the irrefutable scientific discovery of the distinctions inherent in the individuated consciousness, and how this individuated consciousness operates in the multidimensional reality of First Source.

In the knowledge of this reality, there is no need for a philosophical system or spiritual belief system or religious structure because the individual recognizes that they are complete unto themselves with respect to the vital knowledge. No laws or rules are required in this realization because the knowledge itself entrains the soul carrier to its holographic truth, which is based on the most profound levels of love and understanding. As this is the foundation of persistent reality, those who live in this frequency neither require nor seek a philosophical system.

That which is offered by Lyricus through its outermost educational programs may seem like a philosophical system, or at least resonant with existing belief systems, but it is actually designed as a catalyst and activator of the higher elements of consciousness. This is done through the encoding of the words, music, art, symbols, and the intricate manner in which they interact.

How do the teachers of Lyricus that are incarnated amongst humanity operate?

As mentioned before, there are about 12 embedded members from Lyricus that are currently operating amongst humanity. Most of their time is spent working with individuals in the scientific, cultural, and religious communities. Each of the quarters of power are served by a team of 3-6 members who are incarnated, as well as a more extensive team who are not incarnated, but assist the embedded members from the Tributary Zones.

Generally, as the species approaches the cusp of the Grand Portal discovery, the leader of the cultural quarter of power establishes the initial exterial facet of the knowledge system on the global communications network. This is done in the context of mythology or experimental project, and it demonstrates that the knowledge system being imported is resonant with the contemporary belief systems, but is not confined to words.

Each galactic Tributary Zone is different in terms of the knowledge system that it houses. The leader of the cultural quarter of power – in this case, James – reviews the content contained within the Tributary Zone and aligns it with his knowledge of the species’ belief systems and historical context, and then translates the content into human terms. This is done as a means to establish the first exterial “footprint” of Lyricus on the planet.

The primary purpose of this initial facet of the knowledge system is to bring encoded sensory data streams to the species that can help individuals shift their consciousness from an individual, planetary-based set of objectives, to a more cosmologically-based set of objectives for the species as a whole – namely the discovery of the Grand Portal. This is generally done without too much definition given to Lyricus.

The second facet of the knowledge system emerges as Lyricus members begin meeting physically with influential members of the quarters of power for the purpose of propagating the knowledge system of the Tributary Zone to the species at large. This is conducted through person-to-person meetings to ensure that the knowledge is transferred without identification to Lyricus, and that it is targeting individuals who are prepared to receive it.

The third facet of the knowledge system is to introduce Lyricus more definitively to the species so that those interested and involved in the Grand Portal process can more fully understand its purpose and motivation. The Lyricus.org website is the primary outgrowth of this objective.

The knowledge system is brought to the species gradually and in a manner that the species assimilates it as its own. Complementary to the exterial unfolding of Lyricus is the unfolding of the inward process to implant certain aspects of the Lyricus knowledge system within the Genetic Mind of the species, thus making it accessible to all humanity. This process is conducted through the combined efforts and technologies of the Lyricus team residing within the Tributary Zone.

What is being done on the planet and off the planet (the inner and outer work) is coordinated by the Lyricus leader of the religious quarter. This is the individual who is last to incarnate within the human species and is the one that will step forward in the final days just prior to, or directly after, the discovery of the Grand Portal. This is the individual who will unify the disparate beliefs of the species and anchor them on the science of multidimensional reality and the all-encompassing brotherhood of the individuated consciousness.

Is there a text or “Bible” of Lyricus, and if so, when would this be made available?

No, there is not a single text that codifies the knowledge system that is exported from Lyricus to a species. It is a natural outgrowth of religious dependence that individuals have come to accept that the volume or quantity of words denotes a comprehensive, and therefore, legitimate belief system. However, a single word, phrase, sound, image, or combination thereof can trigger profound shifts in the consciousness of the individual.

The knowledge system of transformation is encoded within the master template of the species. It is simply a question of preparation and activation. The preparation consists of multi-generational development of the individuated consciousness, while the activation can occur in a single word, image, or sound.

The desire to have knowledge distilled in a format suitable for the mind is an artifact of the human mind to not only acquire knowledge, but to transmit it, hence the desire to compile knowledge into text. The problem with this approach is that the activation is exclusively aimed at the mind and not the other elements of the individuated consciousness. A consequence of this approach is that a desire of the mind to learn is satisfied, but the other areas of the individuated consciousness atrophy from lack of nurturing.

Lyricus is focused on the entire entity of the individuated consciousness and for this reason it imparts its knowledge system through means that are not exclusive to words.

Is there any value in the Lyricus works for those individuals who are not scientists or spiritual leaders, and are not living at the time when the Grand Portal is discovered?

Anyone who is drawn to the Lyricus or WingMakers materials resonates with some element of the work. This in itself is representative of their state of preparation. Those individuals who are early in the recognition of this resonance may not be living in the same body when the Grand Portal is discovered, but through the system of reincarnation they can revisit the work in a greater capacity at a later time.

Event strings are remarkably complex systems of interrelationships between matter (things), energy (individuals), space (places), time (events) and coherence (goal synergy). Individuals involved in the Lyricus materials – no matter how seemingly insignificant – are affecting the flow of the master event string that makes possible the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The efforts of one “ripple” can touch the “shoreline” of a distant spacetime. These are the mysterious ways of the individuated consciousness whose energetics are far ranging and can reach into the future in ways that may be unaccountable, but nonetheless powerful and catalytic.

Regarding the value to the individual. If anyone is involved in the study of these materials for their own sake and not the sake of the greater humanity, they are missing the point of these teachings and their import. The study of the spiritual domain is the study of selflessness and the expression of soul in the soul carrier for the benefit of all. If there is any other motivation, it will obscure the preparatory phase of the individual and diminish their ability to contribute to the deeper energetics of the master event string.

Why is the discovery of the Grand Portal being “telegraphed” through this website if there are forces who would try to prevent it?

The benefits of attracting the early adopters to the purpose of the Grand Portal far outweigh the potential drawbacks of “telegraphing” the strategy of Lyricus to those intent on hindering its plans. It is a time-proven strategy that Lyricus applies consistently to every species, and it has demonstrated overwhelming success. The quarters of power do not typically impose their resistance until just before the momentum of the discovery appears imminent. It is then that the website of Lyricus.org will come under the full attack of those who see it as more than the issuance of a new mythology.

If and when this time comes, Lyricus will be well prepared to absorb the resistance and operate in ways that will overcome it – in whatever form it may occur. Delays may arise, but they will only be delays and not permanent obstructions.

It is vital to alert the communities that deal with consciousness, metaphysics, quantum physics, and genetics that the goal is not to clone the soul carrier; establish the theory of everything; liberate the soul from the cycles of reincarnation; or achieve cosmic consciousness for the individual. It is to bring the human soul under the lens of science and show humanity that the soul carrier is only a fractional representation of the species, and what exists in the shadows of the soul carrier is precisely what is required to shift the species into its next phase of evolution.

This goal must be established in the resonant communities in order for the new leadership within the communities to begin to shift their resources and energies to this new goal. At present there is – in some quarters – an accepted judgment that the earth will miraculously shift into the 4th dimension, or that it will transform into a star. Many believe or hope that there is a race of extraterrestrials that will intercede on humanity’s behalf and bring it enlightenment. Some believe that the spirited ancestors of humanity will rise up again and bring heaven to earth.

There is general disagreement in every quarter about the scope, purpose, and sequence of this transformation, and it makes it improbable that the proper resources, personnel, knowledge system, and expertise can be aligned. Unless Lyricus risks early exposure of its mission, it would be unlikely that alignment and coherence could be exacted in service to the Grand Portal. The mission of Lyricus is not an event of transformation brought from a Holy or Divine source. It is the unfolding process of humanity discovering its fundamental identity and its relationship with the multidimensional universe. This is a huge undertaking and requires an amazingly well orchestrated plan and the committed undertaking of humans who operate on behalf of their species – not commercial gain or self-aggrandizement.

Why is it so important that humanity makes the discovery of the Grand Portal itself? Couldn’t Lyricus simply provide the discovery to humanity?

The definition of humanity is ambiguous at best. Humanity is not defined by the activities and achievements of the human soul carrier over countless generations. It is also the composite of the genetic mind and the human soul. A soul consciousness is not exclusively bound to a planet or species. It is an individuated consciousness within a freewill multiverse that is evolving at approximately the same rate as the species to which it identifies.

In many ways, the Central Race is an aspect of humanity and vice versa. Humanity is connected to a much broader spectrum of beings in a near-infinite variety of places and times. Because of this reality, Lyricus incarnates within the human species and provides the fundamental knowledge system and goals to which the species is directed.

Lyricus could send representatives to humanity in its customary soul carrier form and it would not be recognized. It would require that its soul carrier slow its vibratory rate in order to reflect the light frequencies of earth and make itself visible. If this were done, the phenomenon of its presence would overshadow the knowledge system and one hundred different interpretations would emerge on the validity of the Grand Portal and the ones who brought it into existence.

The discovery must be an integral process – woven into the fabric of humanity – in order for its value to be preserved in the face of the resistance that will surely follow it.

It seems impossible that the ills of humanity will be solved by the mere scientific discovery of its soul. Even more questionable is if most people would be interested. Why does Lyricus hold this discovery as being so critical?

The discovery of the Grand Portal is a comprehensive breakthrough that spawns the science of multidimensional reality. This new science is an all-encompassing system that is capable of restoring health and balance to the physical, emotional, and mental dysfunctions of the soul carrier, which account for the dysfunctions of society at large.

The human-animal instinct of survival through power and domination co-mingle with four misguided fear-beliefs inhabiting the genetic mind of the species, which collectively give rise to human and social dysfunction. They are cited below:

· Humanity is the apex intelligence of the planet, and in all probability the universe.

· Humanity is alone in the universe, and God, if one exists, is distant and uncaring.

· As a species, humanity must struggle selfishly in order to achieve supremacy in the universe.

· Dominion over nature and its resources is the innate result of human ascendancy over all other life forms.

Each of these fear-beliefs transform in the presence of the Grand Portal as much as the rising sun displaces the cold darkness. For the first time the individuated consciousness is dissected and shown to be part of a multidimensional system of life forms previously unidentified. More importantly, the intrinsic desire to be immortal has been granted by the very fact that the “fingerprint” of First Source is identified upon the “glass” of the soul carrier.

If anyone believes that human citizens living in the last quarter of the 21st century will be indifferent to this evidence, they are grossly mistaken, not less than someone who would argue that people are indifferent about having air to breathe. The Grand Portal is the most vibrant of all discoveries because it is the thread that unifies the species, as well as the solution to the dysfunctions that have plagued humanity for generation upon generation.

Lyricus holds this discovery as vital to the species because without the human-guided discovery of the Grand Portal, the species consistently elects to have machine intelligence guide its ongoing scientific evolution. While this may enable a more rapidly evolving technology infrastructure for humanity, it also drives science into a conundrum of competing purposes that widen the gap between machines and humanity.

When machine intelligence finally arrives at the Grand Portal, its findings are misunderstood and therefore undervalued by the species. The discovery is hollow at best and unutilized at worst. Thus, Lyricus holds the Grand Portal’s discovery by humanity as the defining moment of the species.

The concepts of morality seem to be sparingly used in the literature of Lyricus. Is science more important – in the teachings of Lyricus – than the behaviors of love, compassion, morality, and goodness?

Morality and the behaviors of goodness are not overlooked in importance, nor are they considered less desirable than the certainties of science as they are applied to the discovery of the Grand Portal. Moral goodness is simply not the focal point of Lyricus because philosophical standards, meditation, spiritual purity, prayer, fasting, or penetrating moral judgment can only temporarily coerce desirable behaviors.

The contemporary literature of humanity – as it relates to spiritual matters – is well stocked with the formulas of love and compassion. Morality and the fear of fear run through the texts like tempest winds that sweep across a calm lake. The emotional realm is a point of fixation of the religious and spiritual texts and teachings of humanity.

The primary frequency of the emotional realm is judgment, just as the primary frequency of the mental realm is logic. Neither of these is inclusive or whole. Lyricus is focused on the individuated consciousness and its discovery by the species, knowing that in this discovery the thread of wholeness and inclusiveness will be found.

Conscious experience of the individuated consciousness is the antecedent or precursor for sustainable moral goodness, as it is expressed through the soul carrier. Thus, Lyricus places its focus here, and desires that this ability be a potential for all members of the species, not only the fortunate few that have a proclivity for spiritual contemplation and time to pursue it.