Lyricus is largely undetectable except for its influences within and upon a species. Usually these influences are not acknowledged until after the discovery of the Grand Portal. This anonymity enables Lyricus to operate with greater independence from the species’ Quarters of Power. Lyricus refers to the Quarters of Power as consisting of government, science, religion, and culture.

Lyricus works through the existing structures of the species, embedding its influence within each of the four quarters of power. Lyricus teachers incarnate approximately five generations prior to the discovery of the Grand Portal. These teachers assume the soul carrier of the species and are awakened to their mission while they are still school-aged children. As they transition to adulthood they apply their innate skills – absent of notoriety and visible presence – quietly developing their missions to promote the changes required to discover the Grand Portal.

Generally, as Lyricus introduces itself to the species, it is done under the guise of mythology and story. There is no assertion in the context of fact because it may needlessly attract fear by the alignment of power within each quarter. The quarters of power are more likely to resist Lyricus if they know the goal is to establish the Grand Portal as a node on the Sovereign Integral Network. This resistance could delay or make impossible the necessary funding and lawmaking to achieve this breakthrough discovery. Thus, Lyricus sends catalysts to each quarter for the purpose of establishing a “null zone” that can act as an incubator and catalyst of these required changes.

Lyricus is an unimaginably large organization with substantial influence and authority. Its “director” is the 7th Archetype of First Source. You can think of Lyricus as the preservationists of truth, and the only “truth” sought is to preserve the accessibility granted a humanoid species to discover – through its own initiative – the Grand Portal. Lyricus operates exclusively at the level of a species, not an individual, although it does work with individuals as a means to test its knowledge of the species.

Generally, Lyricus teachers that are embedded within the species during precursor generations step forward in the following order: culture, science, government, and religion. In most instances, the global communications network is the means by which the Lyricus Teaching Order is first externalized. It is used as a quiet incubator for the embedded personnel to collaborate through.

The religious quarter is the final element of the outward disclosure of Lyricus and this is a reflection of how the religious quarter generally objects to, or misunderstands, the advance of science and technology. Religion never transmits science, nor confers it due honor. Within Lyricus, science is the nucleus knowledge, and that which is truly a part of the holographic truth, expressed at its most pristine levels, is indeed an aspect of science first and an amalgam of sentiment, emotion, opinion, and subjectivity second.

This often places Lyricus as a disruptive force within the religious quarter, and it is for this reason that Lyricus’ chief architect within the religious quarter steps forward last – at or near the time of the Grand Portal’s discovery. This person is the one that will unify the religions of the species, transforming them into a collective belief system based on the science of multidimensional reality.

Not all within the species will subscribe to this new “religion”, but the majority of the species will sense the shifting of the planet’s energetic grid from the subjective realm of religion to the objective authority of the science of multidimensional reality, and they will choose to align with this shift because there is no defensible position to circumvent it.

The FAQ section is presented in two sections. The first concentrates on the relationships of Lyricus to current systems of thought, and the second section focuses on the teachers of Lyricus and their methodologies.

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