This website is designed to introduce the Lyricus Teaching Order officially for the first time on our planet. Its content will provide a detailed background on Lyricus, its purpose, structure, and orientation to planetary and species evolution.

Lyricus.org will initially provide discourses and special music selections that can be listened to while reading the discourses. Over time, this website will provide new materials that will include significant excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony as well as new discourses, related music, and various information about the externalization process that Lyricus is involved in relative to humanity.

Ultimately, the Lyricus.org website will be a central repository for the key knowledge required to discover the Grand Portal the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. This is an exciting extension of the WingMakers revelation, and the Lyricus.org website will provide companion materials to heighten the understanding of the cosmic forces that are at work on earth.

For those who are interested in being alerted to new content additions, it is recommended that you register on the WingMakers.com website. Your email is kept absolutely private and will only be used to alert you to new updates on both WingMakers.com and Lyricus.org websites.